About Django Days

Django Days in Reykjavik is a music festival dedicated to the style of Swing Manouche often realated to the founder af the guitar style, Django Reinhardt.

Django Days are run by the Manouche art organization wich purpose is to introduce Swing Manouche to Icelanders and importion some of the finest players from abroad and making co-opperation possible with the local scene.


Friday 18.January

Mozes Rosenberg

Mozes Rosenberg was born into the famous Rosenberg family, as the younger brother of Stochelo. He started playing the guitar when he was 6 years old. His teachers were his father Mimer, his brother Stochelo and his uncle Waso Grünholz. Waso is the founder of the Dutch Sinti jazz style so Mozes learned from the very source of this now world renowned musical tradition.

At his 7th he already played with The Rosenberg Trio on Dutch television. After that he was inspired by many famous musicians, such as flamenco legend Paco de Lucia whom he met in 1996. During the North Sea Jazz festival in Scheveningen Mozes received master classes from keyboard player Joe Zawinul, one of the creators of jazz fusion.

Mozes is one of the most sought after player with in the stile of Gypsy jazz,  and an outstanding solo guitarist.

Dan Cassidy

Daniel Karl Cassidy was born in 1964, in Washington D.C. to a musical family. At ten years of age he began the violin, finding his first musical partner in his sister Eva Cassidy (world renowned singer). At 20, Dan left America to tour Europe professionally. Continuing his development as a performing artist, Dan moved to Iceland in 1992, and is now a sought after performer and session musician and has appeared on over 200 CDs.

Unnur Birna Björnsdóttir

Unnur Birna was born in Reykjavík, Iceland in 1987, grew up with musical family, slept in the case of a keyboard while her parents were playing and practicing. She begun to sing in choir when she was only 3 and started to learn the piano at the age of 4. When she was 5 she took her first violin lessons, and then there was no turning back. When she was at the age of 13 she first got to know the gypsy jazz, when Robin Nolan trio came to her town. She fell in love with the music and started to play right away. She finished classical violin and jazz singing, though she has mostly played jazz, rock and pop on the violin. Now she’s recording her own music, has been performing a lot with Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, including playing gypsy jazz on small bars in Reykjavik.

Sunna Gunnlaugs

Sunna Gunnlaugs, pianist, has performed all around the world with her trio and also in collaboration with Dutch and German musicians. She has released 11 CDs which all have received kudos from the press. Her latest release, Ancestry, was on Europe Jazz Media’s list for December 2018.

Sunna was chosen performer of the year in 2015 by the Icelandic Music Awards and has many times been nominated for best album and best composition. Her trio was the Music Group of Reykjavik in 2013 and one of Iceland’s representative at the Nordic Cool Fest in Kennedy Center, USA. She has performed at various jazz festivals including London, Oslo, Bremen, Washington, Vancouver and Montreal.

Sunna will be performing some of her favorite swing tunes to the  famous  La Pompe accompagnement one would expect at a Gypsy jazz festival.

Gunnar Hilmarsson

Gunnar has done much in his career as a musician and has played almost all types of music with people from all over. Since 2004 Gunnar has been a leading figure in the gypsy jazz scene in Iceland. He has been an instructor on masterclasses with Robin Nolan and played with leading figures in the gypsy jazz scene, such as Andreas Öberg and Lollo Meier. In January 2018 he played with his trio on the Django Asterdam festival in Bimhuis. Now he is finishing up his first solo album with his gypsy jazz trio.

Jóhann Guðmundsson

Johann got to know gypsy jazz through Robin Nolan. He and two friends formed the band Hrafnaspark which released a CD. They also toured with Andreas Öberg around Iceland. Hrafnaspark also regularly plays at Lindy Hop dance festivals around Iceland. Johann has also played in several other bands which have released a number of CDs, a chamber fusion band called Óregla and a soul band called Fox Train Safari. Since 2003 he has worked with Gunnar and Leifur on various occasions. Recently he has participated in a swing jazz project called Sigurður Helgi and his Bluesberries.

Leifur Gunnarsson

Leifur graduated from Ritmiska Konservatorium in Copenhagen 2013 with a B.Mus. degree in the double bass. He is very active in the jazz scene in Iceland and has played with all the known greats. He has also played with European gypsy artists such as Robin Nolan, Mozes Rosenberg and Popy Basily. Leifur has released a record with his own compositions called Húsið Sefur.

Saturday 19 January 

Robin Nolan

With over 2 million hits on his YouTube channel, Gypsy Jazz Secrets ™ Robin Nolan is without doubt one of the world’s leading authorities on all things Gypsy Jazz. Over the last 2 decades he’s built up a massive and ever growing fan base of musicians and music lovers alike. His trio has played the Django Reinhardt festival in Samoir, France numerous times as headliners, he’s travelled the globe taking in shows at many of the jazz world’s most prestigious venues and festivals; North Sea Jazz, Montreax Jazz Festival, London’s Royal Albert Hall and New York’s Jazz at the Lincoln Centre to name just a few.

His celebrity endorsers are a who’s who of the guitar god world, “The Beatles” George Harrison named him as HIS FAVOURITE GUITARIST, “The Rolling Stones” Bill Wyman has had him in his band, Hank Marvin joined him at his 2018 Australian guitar retreat, Willie Nelson simply said… “You play a mighty fine guitar Robin Nolan”

Now finally he’ll be back in Iceland to celebrate the stile of Django Reihardt with us!

Haukur Gröndal

A native of Reykjavik Haukur Grondal started his music education at an early age and got hooked on jazz and especially the playing og Lester Young, Zoot Sims and Stan Getz to name a few.

Haukur who plays the clarinet and saxophone, has become one of the key performers within the stile of swing music over the past years. At Django Days you’ll get the change to hear him cover some swing classics accompanied by the forth moving la-pompe guitar playing.

Greta Salóme

Greta Salóme is a renown Icelandic violinist/singer/songwriter who actively tours and performs all over the world doing shows. She has represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song contest with original songs both in 2012 and 2016. In 2012 she released her debut album called In the Silence and is currently working on her second solo album. She has performed all over the world and actively tours. For the last two years she has been a headliner for Disney Cruise Lines as well as topping the charts in her home country and performing at various concerts and venues both in Iceland and elsewhere.

Other performers on Saturday:

Dan Cassidy, Gunnar Hilmarsson, Jóhann Guðmundsson Leifur Gunnarsson. For info see friday…..


Want to be a part of the Django Dagar team? We are looking for Volunteers to help us out during the festival and during the preparation. All volunteers must be available for both festival days. Sign up here:


3 months ago
19.janúar, myndir eftir Leif Wilberg

Django Dagar í Reykjavík, 19.janúar. Myndir eftir Leif Wilberg

3 months ago
19.janúar, myndir eftir Leif Wilberg

Django Dagar í Reykjavík, 19.janúar. Myndir eftir Leif Wilberg

3 months ago


Icelandic National Radio Time! 🎸🎸

3 months ago

upphitun!! Alveg að verða uppselt

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Þessir heiðursmenn eru á leiðinni!

up to Iceland with Mozes 🎸🎸

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Robin Nolan væntanlegur laugardaginn 19. janúar

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Albumm.is með puttann á púlsinum!

Lesið skemmtilegt viðtal við Leifur Gunnarsson / Django Dagar
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Gunnar, Jóhann, Leifur og Dan voru með smá tónleika í Tónastöðinni á laugardag. Minnum á miðasölu daganna bit.ly/djangodagar19

Við sýnum beint frá GH Gypsy tríó tónleikum í Tónastöðinni 🎼

3 months ago
AC/DC - Hells Bells - Gypsy Jazz Version!

Hver fílar AC/DC? Nú er bara ein vika í að Robin Nolan stígur á svið í Iðnó! Nú fer hver að vera síðastur að næla sér í miða: http://bit.ly/djangodagar19

http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/sincity Click here to be part of the new album 'Sin City' by Robin Nolan! AC/DC - Gypsy Jazz Style? Hell Yeah! I'm Robin ...

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Þetta koma í sunnudagsmogganum á bls 2. Minnum á að GH gypsy trio verða í Tónastöðinni kl 15 í dag! Minnum á að miðasalan fer fram á tix á slóðinni bit.ly/djangodagar19

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